Hi there! Tambollo is a travel company that creates autgentic and life changing experiences. We encourage people to travel more, learn about the world, meet people and have wholesome experience.

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We are Tambollo

Discover a world outside yours

Tambollo is a travel company that creates authentic and life changing experiences through personalised private, group trips and retreats within Nigeria and across Africa. Our aim is to inspire people to travel more, leave their comfort zone and immerse themselves in new cultures. Our trips explore the must- sees and uncover the hidden gems of all destinations. Our ultimate goal is to expose and encourage people to appreciate the various cultures and destinations in Africa. We are also committed to making a positive impact through travel by giving back and supporting local communities. Join us for a well-rounded experience.

What we do

We chart undiscovered courses to make them destinations.

Our well-curated itineraries promise the ultimate adventure.

Bring your travel ideas to life today, let's talk about them.

We plan and organize private trips for large and small groups.

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