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Hidden Gem

Hike Oke Ado Mountain and discover Iyake Lake in Ado-Awaye which is surrounded by mountains and is home to one of the only two suspended lakes in the world. This is a hidden gem in Nigeria and is a must see. You will visit Iseyin, home to Aso Ofi (Aso Oke) popular traditional attire and…

₦35,000 / per person
2 Days

Explore the Coastal town of Badagry in Lagos and be sure to have a life changing experience. This trip will be a balance of historical learning and fun. You will get to meet amazing people, mix with the locals, sip on Coconut water and laugh more than you have in a long time. We will…

₦20,000 / per person
1 Day

Just an hour from Lagos is Abeokuta. Home to the Olumo Rock, that served as a fortress for the Egba people. You will hike to the top of the rock, shop at the famous Itoku market to buy adire and visit Olusegun Obasanjo’s Presidential library where you will learn about this former President of Nigeria…

₦15,000 / per person
1 Day