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So it was my 21st Birthday in June and those that know me know I like to do things differently each year. I’ve recently caught the travel bug and so it seemed ideal that I celebrate this milestone abroad. I knew I wanted to go somewhere in the Arab world that was affordable and so I decided on Morocco. It was an interesting trip in all however it had it’s lows due to certain choices that I made. So this post will talk reflect a bit on the dos and don’ts when in Morocco!


  1. BUDGET: Personally before I embark on any trip the first thing I think about is how much I am willing to spend on the trip not where or what kind of holiday I want to have. So I reflect on my bank account which I am always afraid to check because I am always in one place or the other if not exploring most likely eating, basically forming activity. This then helps me choose a country that will fit my budget because it is really painful dreaming of a destination and then you realise you cannot afford it at the moment. Actually this applies to people who are really spontaneous and just want to travel within 1-2 months. If you have more time, I guess you can choose a destination first then save towards it especially if it’s a costly destination or dream one.