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Ore Dosumu: The Royal Caribbean Cruise – Allure of the Seas

I went on my most memorable vacation, so far, with my family over Easter 2015. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year and best believe we are already making plans to return. This was each of us’ first experience on a cruise ship and if I’m being honest, I didn’t imagine that it’d be quarter as exciting as the experience I had. The cruise lasted 7 nights and we departed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Checking into the ship, felt like getting on a plane. The full security and immigration shebang! You checked in your luggage etc. and they brought that up to your cabins after check in. Getting on the ship, I was astonished (syn. blown away, surprised, amazed, impressed)(excessive use of adjectives, in case you didn’t get it the first time)


The interior was so fascinating. It kept running through my head, it was amazing that all of this was on a ship! I mean yes, we’ve all seen the Titanic, but the real life experience was great!

IMG_7675 (1)IMG_8566IMG_8559

Fun fact The white ship is the Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world. The black ship is what the Titanic would look like next to the Allure. (waitbutwhy.com)

cruise like titanic-nigeria

Wondering around in amazement, we did eventually settle into our cabins. We were really glad we paid the extra for the balcony view because my oh my, this was something. I mean, imagine it. Going to bed with a view overlooking the huge blue body of endless water. I had some good reflecting time on that balcony, thinking about how amazing God is and how blessed I felt to be there with my family.


We had a sail away party and the general vibe on the ship was great. Walking around, with music blaring through the speakers and a live band doing their thing, I was already won over.


Okay so from here on, I’m going to try and summarise the amazingness of this holiday, as this post is already text heavy.

One of the stops we made was Nassau, The Bahamas. The people were so friendly, the weather was amazing, and we had a character for our tour guide. We visited The Atlantis, Nassau (it looks exactly the same as the one in Dubai), a rum cake factory (had the most amazing tasters of rum cake, and of course, got some to go) and had a general wander around the town.


Getting on board the ship that evening, we still had a ton of activities. That’s the thing about it, there’s ALWAYS an activity. No, seriously, there are various activities scheduled for about 20 hours a day, and this excludes unscheduled activties like eating (most of the AMAZING food on the ship is free, you know I have to do a whole section just for the food), relaxing etc. We had the Captains Dinner (formal dinner of which a member of the cabin crew had asked us if we would be wearing the popular Nigerian headties. LOL). A theatre and a live bad show.



A few days later, we also docked at St. Thomas for a few hours. Beach-bumming, sight seeing and a  good meal after, we were ready to continue our voyage…


Our last stop was St. Marteen and my experience here was so serene! We spent the day boating around the island and soaking up the sun. The boating experience was really good because we had a great captain who came through with the best songs to jam to and take in our surroundings. So many famous people have homes there. I mean who wouldn’t want to right? St. Marteen I will be back.


The other days spent on board the ship weren’t any less amazing. Endless food, amazing drinks, the best customer service I have had in my life, good vibes and the loves of my life made for a perfect vacation.



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